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JDorama list..

I am no where near finishing watching the whole list, and there's a lot that I've watched already that's not in there (online streaming and oh-no-i-do-not-have-space-anymore days~)~

UPDATED: 27 February 2012

JDrama/JMovie Collection

because I like lists..Collapse )




 Ahhhh.. it's been more than a year since I was last here.

And I am totally out of the loop in everything fandom related.
I miss my fandom friends!
i miss Nagase!
I miss TOKIO!

I'm trying to catch up..

Where do I start?
singles, dramas... *looks around*
I want to continue reading Berserk.
I want to continue re-watching Angel.
I want to continue re-watching Friends.
I want to continue watching House MD.
I want to watch a new drama this season. (multiple dramas, actually)
I mean, c'mon.. who am I missing? Toma, Eita, Mizushima Hiro, Goro, Kame (I said before that I'm interested in his Winter dorama. Now, why is that again?), Hiraoka Yuuta, Nakama Yukie, Higashi, Mabo, Tamaki Hiroshi.. Just a few ppl (and I might be missing a few more).. It's enough to make me bleed. *sigh*

but no. there's too much to do.......
*in a way, i am happy, i guess.. i haven't had these much to do since... uhnn.. i can't really remember.*

Oh.. and I haven't heard Shigotonin's song yet, yet. Loser much? I know.
I browsed tokioteatime just now, and guess what? En and Sarah has 443251351351 TOKIO subbed goodness.. and I haven't had an inkling! Damn. I mean ROUND DVDs!? Damn.
I shall catch up. Just you ppl wait. *sigh*
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... I saw the MS cap of Shigotonin's perf. And I am so dLing it right now.
My loserisity is extreme.

that's it. just dropping by.

3.. 2.. 1..


Watching the countdown at 3 in the morning is not such a good idea.
I had to keep real quiet.
REAL quiet..

  • Was there always SO MUCH lip-syncing?
  • KinKi Kids RABU~ Hahaha.. Oh the flowers and the hug.. So shy yet so bold. ROTFL. 
  • Am I really so outdated? Uchi's back? Since when? Since just the countdown? I seem to read very little "OMG UCHI'S BACK!!!!" on my f-list.. Therefore causing me to think that he's been back earlier than just now. *scratches head* and Otokogumi's Daybreak~ whoo~ And everything else aside... he is dressed funny... even for a Johnny's event..
  • I like Arashi's Beautiful Days.. Well, not exactly "like" like.. Not White X'mas-like. It has a fun tune. Haha.. I have no idea what the lyrics are all about.. but the melody of some parts reminds me of Hana Uta.
  • Ohhhh~ Tsubasa flying solo.... He has funny hair. But he does look better compared to last year.
  • And V6, OLD MEN!!!! How can you still dance like that!? I hate the lot of you! LOL j/k
  • Was that Taichi's Piano on wheels?......... Sorafune's chorus.. and Amagasa only? Whatever happened to sugar? I haven't seen a live perf of sugar. *throws a tantrum*
  • Ooooohh~ Amusing backdrop on Takki.. Tsubasa is still the better singer and dancer.. However, Takki is just as flawless as he always was.
  • Oh god.. I missed Daite Señorita! Pi's outfit and all that.. And LOL at Jin's failed seduction. And thanks for not making Gussan go through all that again! My eyes keep on diverting to Inocchi throughout that number.. You just can't hate the guy. CAN'T.
  • LOVE YOU ONLY Classic... haha
  • Kamen Budoukai by Tackey&.....Nicky. Uhuh.
  • Sakamoto@weeeek.. and Leader@Sukiyanen Osaka.. A big smile is now plastered on my face. Kinda like the time they sang Miso Soup. SUKIYANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Leader, marry me!
  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Watching Koichi and Nagase with Toraji Haiji last year was cute. Okada and Nagase in Seishun Amigo this year is priceless. Nagase stands out so much because he's wearing black and he's so tall. During the last few seconds.. I srsly thought Nagase and Okada are goofing off, ballroom dancing. Well, they were face to face and so close to each other.
  • OMGAHD. Who gave Mabo the scissors AGAIN!?
  • Taichi and Inocchi.. romancing each other.
  • Hmmn.. I don't know why.. but it seems like TOKIO and V6 are being treated as "special guests" already.. Hmmn..
  • I really really like Taguchi and Koki's current hairstyles.
  • The only closeup of Gussan I saw was in a frame with Nagase hugging MatsuJun in the foreground... right,
  • Okada spaced out during V6 interview.. nothing new there.
  • So little KinKi Kids. Hmph.

Overall, I think last year's countdown spoiled me too much.
This year's countdown was different.. having three venues and all.
That and no Toma and Higashiyama. They both have upcoming projects, why aren't they there!? Haha.
And very little KinKi Kids.

I'm really starting to like Kame again, I think. That White X'Mas PV must've hit me real hard. lhukhe09  KASALANAN MO LAHAT ITO. LOL. He has a renewed air of maturity about him. Mahhh... I even want to watch his upcoming drama.

And I can say I'm not too bitter about Uchi's solo perf. In fact, I couldn't care much. Well, I mean, napagbigyan na ako kay Toma last year.. But it still hurts, tho... Ack. And there was my 4TOPS drama again. I want a fancam of Toma singing some lines of weeeek during NewS' concert with Pi's arm around him.. HAHAHAHA.

I want a last post before 2oo9 arrives

My last fandom memories of 2oo8..

Watching Kimura's Love and Honour
and Nagase's Sword of the Stranger..

Well, and seeing a hot picture of Mabo that I haven't seen before.. courtesy of my sister.. (who's angry at me for getting her back into the fandom.. *i'm not doing it on purpose.. i swear*)

Been a fun year, ppl!
Full of shit during the summer, of almost-getting-to-prisons, and almost-flunking-subjects...
You gotta love the hodge-podge life gives you.
And here I am, still no flunked grades, and still without a criminal record, thank you.


Ranking~Collapse )

Upper Echelon.. because I'm discriminating that way..Collapse )
I swear.. Higashiyama is there... somewhere..
And HaseJun, and KazaPon.
LOL at most of the pictures. Wiki much?
I've taken this one before, I think.. but without the pictures.
Still no change for the top spots.
Oh Tomo, My Tomo..
And I am now able to rank TOKIO! Haha.
But I think, my ranking changes from time to time.
LOL. I still can't rank KinKi Kids, tho.
And Kimura and Okada kinda spearheaded their way through my rankings.
And Nakai, too!
(Now someone give me more SMAP material, so I can get to know the rest of them, too!)
Also, I realised, making me choose between Koki and Chinen gave me the creeps. LOL
Just look at their pictures!!

I finally was able to watch Kurosagi the Movie. Yey for me. Hahaha. I found the DVD while looking for available TOKIO's Amagasa in a local shop here... and I found myself not letting go of the DVD. I was afraid that the English subs are going to be horrible. But it actually is okay.
And movie-wise? Hmmmnnn... I'll give it a 6/10.

I believe Pi should be given high-on-crack roles like Akira, or Ken-zou for that matter. And not serious ones.
His serious glare makes lots of girls melt.. but IT DOESN'T CHANGE. Mreow.

And LOL. Those old men in RoK who're in the movie as well.. who are they again?


.. when I don't check LJ anymore.


*stops abusing the shift button*

On other news..

*shift button complaining*

thanks to to_ki_o 

Happy Birthday..

Out of your twenties, eh?

It must be a conspiracy..

Damn it.
What date is it today?
The 28th?

It's two days until the deadline of grade submissions, right?

Why, pray tell, is there only ONE grade posted still?

I have SIX subjects.. and for the past week and a half, only one of my professors is punctual enough to post grades!?
Oh well.. Why am I even surprised. During the dropping period a month ago, not one of them even posted our class standing..
Not that I've any intention of dropping any subject during those times. (Ituloy ang laban! Ha-ha.)

I've spoken to several other friends of mine. Their grades are either complete or almost so (only waiting for an elective subject or something.)

My grades are nothing to write home about.. But I, at least, want to lay my fears to rest.

Bagsak kung bagsak. Pucha.. Ilabas nyo lang ang grades ko!

On the worse side..
Less than a week ago.. It's enrolment again.

I wonder how the Okonomiyaki party@Lhukhe's going on?


My semestral break just started last Sunday..
And I still can't seem to get anything started..
Anything being all the 'fun' things I planned on doing once this tiresome semester ends.
I guess I'm still fidgety.. and am still having a hard time acknowledging a few facts of life
that was brought upon by noone but myself.

That aside..

House Season 5 Episode 4
Holy cow!

On the other side of things..
I found it!
By accident, if anything..
Glass Rose..
The game with Mabo on its cover..

I wasn't really looking for it..
But I stopped at my tracks when I saw another customer holding it..
I wanted to buy it..
but it'll be stupid since I do not have a PS2 console.

Oohh! And thanks to killer_jock  and your dear friend..
I have a few KinKi Kids albums and another TOKIO single to add up to my collection (not that it's anything to brag about)~

And camr_jemr , killer_jock , lhukhe09 , cathalina09 .. thanks for saving me an entire evening of having to mull by myself at home. LOL

sorry friends.. for being silent for the past weeks.

and for the sake of fandomness and randomness..
Higashiyama Noriyuki turned 42 almost a month ago.
I... still refuse to believe so, though...

I want a dog.

Well, I already have a dog... two dogs, actually.

I want THIS kind of dog!
Not that I'll be able to have one.. but.. it's okay to dream sometime. LOL

They're just lil' white fur balls. And I find them absolutely adorable.

And they grow real big. And I mean really really BIG. (You know, like the dog Sanosuke 'picked up' in Rurouni Kenshin..)
Hahaha.. They're mountain dogs after all.

I'm not able to check up on my f-list again.. *sigh*
RL stings a lot right now.
But I still really want a dog like that.

2008 Ten Ball Championship

1st Day into the tourney, and one Filipino is sure to be knocked-out tomorrow. Thirteen.. down to twelve.
I know there's no conspiracy.
I've been trying to convince myself that ever since the 3 (or was it 4?) consecutive Filipino vs Filipino match-ups 3 years ago.
It just happens to be so..
They tell me that it's because of the sheer number of Filipino participants.. but hey.. there are just as many Chinese Taipei and American players, too.. and I don't see them being matched off against each other.. For sure there must be a... OK.. Let's not get into that..

Banares vs. Calasang in the loser's bracket, 3 PM tomorrow.

Ten Ball.. is kinda new to me. I still find it odd seeing the striped blue ball on the table. Haha..
And for some reason or other that I'd rather not comprehend..
(there was some sort of bloody 'misunderstanding' a few months back that explains our country's line-up for the inaugural 10 ball tourney. and I freakin' hope this will not be the case in the next 4 or so years.)
I look at the thirteen names and only 3 names ring a bell.

de Luna

How sad is that?
I'm not discrediting the other 10.. who knows? They might as well be dark horses as much as Ronnie Alcano have been when he won the championships 2 years back.
It's just that I feel that it seems incomplete without the usual names up there..


Orcollo (rank #1)

that freakin' bit Anthony said about the World Pool Champions on January better damn be true.


14 years, huh?

Happy 14th Birthday, TOKIO.

It feels funny... greeting TOKIO like this.
It makes me feel like greeting my lil' bro (not that I have one), realizing that TOKIO's only almost 5 years younger than I am.
I miss the guys.
By "miss" I mean that I've been out of touch lately.



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